Cool Laser

It’s the non-invasive treatment the Kardashians swear by, and now it has landed in the UK.

From fine-lines and pigmentation to age spots and acne, The Cool Laser Treatment will effectively treat a number of skin concerns whether it be fine lines or scars. It can even tighten skin around the jawline or plump lips without the use of fillers.

The Cool Laser boosts collagen growth factors to give the skin a smoother appearance over a longer period of time.

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Wrinkles and Lines Before and After

Wrinkles Before and After

Before and After

Acne Scarring Before and After


Is it safe?

Laser treatments have been used for many years and if done by a trained professional are safe. The Cool Laser, as it only targets the water in the skin is considered safer than many other forms of laser.

The laser has been developed over 40 years in a collaboration between Karl Zeiss and Asclepion and is a mainstay treatment of Dr Jason Emer in Beverley Hills and other well known doctors.

How long is a treatment?

Depending on the objective of the treatment, if we are performing a lunchtime peel, the treatment will take 10 minutes. If we are targeting deeper wrinkles over the face for example the treatment may take 20-40 minutes.

Is there down time with the Cool Laser?

The down time will vary according to the settings that we would use on the device.

Depending on what the treatment involves, our team will explain in full prior to the treatment what downtime will be expected.

After treatment it will feel as though you have a little sunburn, we will apply soothing cream and masks to take home with you for appllication after the treatment.

The Cool Laser can be delivered in a light treatment (lunchtime treatment) with only minor redness lasting for 20 minutes.

If we are targeting deeper wrinkles there may be some redness lasting several days.

Can it be used on any skin type/colour?

Yes, because the Cool Laser only targets the water within your skin, it will not target the melanin. You can treat all skin types effectively.

A member of our team will discuss this in more detail with you during the initial consultation.